The naturally more introspective energy of Winter invites deeper self contemplation and inquiry around clarifying and rewriting the translation of our genetic blueprint and reprogramming our neural pathways to remember who we are and access our infinite capacity to create a better version of ourselves. 


Feel warmly invited to gather with committed, like-minded souls in strengthening our inner resolve, resilience and power of choice so that we can traverse contemporary, modern landscapes in a more authentic, purposeful and self-compassionate way.


These in-person Activation workshops are curated and aligned with the moon cycles as our natural biofeedback moves from New Moon to Full Moon, and from Full Moon to New Moon. This naturally waxing and waning cycle can serve as useful guideposts to help us realign, clarify and harmonise the way we create, eliminate, make choices, care for ourselves (and our projects) as well as heal. Learn more about the moon phases here.


Each workshop carries its own unique essence that highlights specific themes in support of our collective energetic processing and healing. The intimate setting of each instalment allows some level of fluidity in how it unfolds, allowing for personal shares and feedback. Each instalment includes specially curated kundalini yoga kriyas (postures), meditations and mantras. The extended (3hr) length of each workshop instalment allows for group discussion, personal sharing as well as a deeper dive into meditations and recitation of mantras.

Full Moon Eclipse Expedition

  • Wed, Jul 17
    The Spacious Nest
    Riding the Waves of Change
    A space to reflect upon, gift thanks, acknowledge and record (re-cord) our new way of Being. A timely mid-winter installation to re-gather, re-group, re-cognise and re-integrate.

Each Lunar Activation gathering offers a unique essence that captures the energy both of the group as well as the greater cosmic astrological weather. Jamie works intuitively with these energies to best guide our collective growth and upgrade.


These gatherings generally include the following elements:

- Welcoming smudging ritual

- Intention sharing & group connection

- Yogic science exploration & kundalini yoga practice

- Extended meditation practices & mantric science application

- Specially curated guidance with self study prompts for the waning lunar cycle

- Relaxation

- Quiet personal reflection + group debrief

- Light warm snack + chai


What to expect:

- Safe, intimate setting

- Transformational results

- Amplified auric field

- Nervous system reset

- Energetic upgrade

- Clarified purpose and grounded direction

- Sense of support and community

BYO mat, cushion, blanket, water, crystals, journal, pen.

Warm snack + chai will be served towards the end of the event.

Please eat something light in the late afternoon prior to arriving.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Any questions - please get in touch

All purchases are final and non-refundable.


Enhance your personal transformation.

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