- Kickstarting Prosperity -

This workshop is themed and designed to awaken, ignite and attune your energetic systems to magnetise more prosperity and abundance into all areas of your life. Using the powerful prosperity teachings and practices, expect to shake off generational scarcity mindsets and fear of stepping into your own power from the depths of your DNA and cells.

- Vicious Victory -

Success loves creativity, and creativity requires energy. A workshop designed to bring greater vitality, radiance and energy to recharge and amplify your victorious capacity. Expect to deeply cleanse, detox, rebalance and nourish your ten-body & eight chakra system. Specific kundalini yoga kriyas included to help detox organs, lymphatic and glandular systems, as well as meditations to clarify our minds and psyche. Expect to release past/existing vicious lingering patterns of fear, victimhood, blame, stagnation and procrastination; leave feeling more victoriously charged inside and out. 

- Woman Unhurried -

Embracing our feminine isn't all flowers and flowing skirts; as much as being an Activated Woman isn't all about sass, direction and push. In this workshop, we learn to cultivate a little 'less is more' attitude, a little more surrender, a little more listening to the bigger voices within. An all-round slower paced, reflective and energetically spacious workshop designed to shapeshift our old reality of busy-ness to become more whole, Venusian, embodied and unhurried.

- Manifestation Unleashed -

A workshop exploring the magical artistry of practical co-creation with the universe. A deeper dive into the connective energetics underpinning your unique fearless functional expression. Learn to connect with the higher frequency of your thoughts to inform, unpack and understand the deeper meaning and symbolism of certain events and of life itself. Tune into the energetics of your unique creative process and open yourself to the possibility of actualising your wildest dreams.



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